Teta Smith

Teta Smith, owner of Teta Smith Studio, paints luminescent contemporary paintings in watercolor, acrylic, collage, and oil with cold wax. She is known for a wide variety of subjects, from realistic portraits to nonrepresentational acrylics. 

"€œI create to involve the viewer by expressing emotions and intangible concepts supported by strong design. My paintings take me to places that I can'€™t get to verbally and convey much that I can'€™t express in any other way. Phrases, brief comments, scripture or a scene, can touch me deeply and I feel compelled to paint it." Teta explains.

Teta enjoys weaving in symbolism and avoids photo realism in her work, preferring the sort of elusive quality that prompts a closer look and viewer interpretation.

Often invited to art organizations to demonstrate her unique approach to painting,  she prizes audience participation during her demos. She also teaches group, private classes weekly and workshops, critiques and jury art exhibits. Teta loves to teach as much as she loves to paint. She says, "There is nothing more fun than watching student'€™s skill and love for painting develop."

Teta'€™s paintings radiate emotion-provoking color, and value.Three of her paintings were published in the book Confident Color by Nita Leland.

Over the years Teta's work has also been has juried into and won awards in numerous exhibitions. She is past President of the 400 + member Southwestern Watercolor Society, an Associate member of National Watercolor Society, a Member of Richardson Civic Art Society, and Collage Visual Art.



"Bridging Light & Darkness"
Acrylic Mixed Media 30" x 22"
Watercolor 22" x 15"
"Seeking Balance"
Acrylic Mixed Media 22" x 15"
Watercolor 22" x 15"