Founding Members:

In February, 1992, several of the present members of Art Focus XC attended a workshop for artists seeking to push themselves beyond their mid-careers. Enthusiasm to continue this focus of sharing art development lead to the formation of Art Focus XC. They have been meeting once a month ever since.  Founding Members were: Martha Baker, Dorothy Barta, Cecie Borschow, Charlotte Cornett, Pat Kochan and Charu Shah.


An open forum for anyone with the same interests and goals was created. These meetings fulfill the needs that all artists have, to be with other artists with the same goals, to stimulate new ideas and thoughts about art, techniques, the art business and other artists. The programs have included having guest lecturers, art book reviews, group critiques, visiting museums and private art collections, or working on a collaborative creative activity such as a large painting, a wall screen, art chairs or at present porcelain face masks to be used for a future exhibition.

Images from some of our recent exhibitions.