Naomi Brotherton


As the only currently active founding member of Southwestern Watercolor Society based in Dallas, Texas, Naomi Brotherton is proudly participating in the 53-year-old organization in as many ways as she can at 96 years of age (as of April, 2016).

Commercial art seemed to be a direction for income and her degree from Baylor got her started in that field, but she developed skills in watercolor painting while attending workshops with nationally known watercolorists including Edgar A. Whitney, Rex Brandt and Milford Zornes.

Over 34 years of sharing Artisan’s Studio/Gallery has given her a “home base” for teaching and creativity.

A book, Variations in Watercolor, about Naomi’s work was sold through a national art book club, resulting in invitations taking her to much of the United States and Bermuda as she traveled to teach her various ways with watercolor, with emphasis on times of day and kinds of weather.

Transparency of watercolor and its techniques fascinated Naomi as she sought ways to depict landscapes and still life, including flowers, in the medium. In the ‘70s a student inquired if they might paint a night scene, and that led to expressing the Mystery of Night, which has carried Naomi’s work into several books and art publications including American Artist and International Artist.

Over a decade of living with macular degeneration has been a new challenge, but not a deterrent – “no retirement, thank you”!


"After the Rain"
Watercolor 22" x 15"
"Magnolia Buds & Blossom"
Watercolor 20" x 14"
"Step Up to the Casa"
Watercolor 21" x 14"
"Home Place"
Watercolor 21" x 14"