Martha Box

?I find immense satisfaction in figurative work, using vivid color, large shapes with fluid line to portray figures and animals. Humor is also very important in my paintings.?

Martha Box, a native of Sherman, Texas, graduated from North Texas State College with a degree in marketing. Throughout her career in merchandizing, she kept an active interest in the arts. She credits her present commitment and success in art to the inspiring range of teachers and mentors that have shared their vision with her over the years. Her work has been accepted in such competitions as Southwestern Watercolor Society, Artists and Craftsmen Association, Texas Neighbors, and Oklahoma Watercolor Society where she holds signature status in each.

"Fosdick's Mother"
Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 24"
"Accept Each Other"
Watermedia 15" x 11"
"Luck Be a Lady"
Watermedia 30" x 22"
"First Glimpse"
watermedia 30" x 22"