"Inner Vision #6"
Mixed Media 30 " x 22"

"Granada #1"
Mixed Media Collage on Canvas 20" x 16"
"Native American after Chihuly"
Mixed Media 22" x 19"
"In Flight"
Watercolor 11.5" x 9.25"

Cecie Borschow

An award-winning native Texas artist whose visual works consist of watercolor, acrylic and mixed media. Naturally gifted and classically trained, Cecie majored in Fine Art at the University of Texas and later studied with and was mentored by many well-known and accomplished artists. She has travelled with art groups and is active in several art organizations. Her work has been recognized on local, regional, national and international levels. Cecie’s art reflects inner strength through strong design and color with powerful imagery. Her non-objective work is spiritually inspired.


My work emphasizes bold color and strong design creating experimental and exciting imagery.    I never stop painting in my mind.  Over the years, I have developed my own style and interpretation of color.  Exploring both non-objective and realistic subject matter.  The abstract work instinctively comes from a spiritual place deep inside.  I am not sure where it will take me but I am excited about the risk.

The shapes that appear repetitively in my work are the unconscious connection to my past.   Even though I work in two different styles, they are connected by the instinctive way I design my works using shapes and color to express what I need to share. 

Elected to Signature Membership in the American Watercolor Society, New York, New York

Elected to Signature Membership of National Watercolor Society, California

Who's Who of American Woman

Who's Who in the South and Southwest

Texas Neighbors 5 State Art Competition, Best of Show and chosen for Poster image and Invitations, Texas Cultural Arts Center, Irving Texas

Cottonwood Art Festival Fall Brochure, Richardson, Texas